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AtoZ of 101 Fireplaces Terms and definition - Glossary
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A Glossary of Fireplaces Terminology
A to Z of 101 Terms and definitions related to Fireplaces

Explanation or Definition
Andirons Free standing metal supports, usually constructed of cast iron or steel, for firewood on a hearth
Antique Fireplace a fireplace mantel from an older generation (e.g. mid century, turn of the century); 2) a mantel piece designed to look like an original mantel from a stated period
Apex The highest point of an arch
Art Deco An art movement from the 1920s and 1930s known for its geometric forms and modernism
Art Nouveau An art movement that ended during the early 1900’s known for its sinuous shapes
Arts and Crafts A development of the Aesthetic Movement that influenced other movemants including Art Nouveau that commonly used natural forms such as birds, blossom and fruit.
Bellows an accessory used to blow more air into the fire, increasing combustion and producing a higher, stronger flame
Bespoke Fireplaces Fireplaces that are made to non standard specifications
BTU (British Thermal Units) It is a measurement used to describe the heating capacity of the fireplace or stove
Burner from where the gas is released to produce the flame
B-Vent This feature is found in gas fireplaces and is designed to take in air from inside the home for use in combustion
Carbon Dioxide This gas is produced from carbon units with sufficient oxygen and is a component of several types of natural gases
Carbon Monoxide (CO) an odorless, colorless, tasteless poisonous gas
Cast Iron A material used in all Hampton fireplaces, stoves & inserts. Iron is heated to a liquid form and poured into molds.
Catalytic Combustor These are honey-combed ceramic chambers coated with a metallic catalyst that is used to lower the temperature at which wood will burn
Chiminea a small outdoor fireplace usually made of clay, terra cotta or aluminum
Chimney a vertical passageway used to vent smoke and vapors outside
Chimney Breast The area extending from above the fire chamber opening to the ceiling. It may include a mantle shelf, decorative facing, or be plain flat wall surface
Chimney Effect Rising air in the chimney creates suction. This suction then sucks in more warm air from the room which then escapes out through the chimney. Approximately half the heat produced by a chimney can be lost this way
Circulating Firebox Firebox with slatted ventilation where fans can be installed for air circulation
Class 'A' Flue An insulated double or triple wall pipe approved for use with any fuel
Clearance The distance between a fireplace or stove and any combustible objects such as furniture
Corbel A projection that supports weight.
Corner Unit a fireplace placed in the corner of a room.
Creosote A by-product of combustion that tends to build-up in chimneys. It is formed from condensed wood smoke and indicates incomplete combustion
Dimplex Most popular manufacturer or Electric fires
Direct Spark Ignition A system whereby gas fires are ignited by a spark from the burner
Direct Vent These are gas fireplaces that do not require a chimney but, instead use a flue to carry combustion by-products outside either directly through the wall or up through the roof
Edwardian Refers to the reign of any King named Edward. On this site it refers to the reign of Edward VII (1901-1910).
Electric Fire A fire that runs from mains electric
Electric Fireplace A fireplace that simulates a fire very realistically that requires no venting or installation and simply needs to be plugged in
Electric Fireplace Suite A fireplace that includes an electric fire included in the price / package
Electric Stoves The most portable type of electric fireplace. Produce the same amount of heat as other model types but they’re more portable
Electronic Ignition This is a system that uses an electric current to ignite the burner
Emissions Waste products caused by combustion which can sometimes be seen as smoke, or unseen as fumes
EPA (Environment Protection Agency) Regulations state that wood burning appliances should not release more than 4.1grams of combustion emissions every hour for catalyst products, and no more than 7.5 for non-catalyst products
fender An upright, horizontal guard placed infront of the fireplace which may be of iron, steel, copper, bronze, or even silver
Firebacks A thick cast iron plate that protects the masonry and mortar from the heat of the flames. These also retain heat very well, radiating it back into the room when the fire is no longer lit
Firebox A box-like section of the fireplace that houses the fuel (wood for example) and where combustion takes place
Fireplace A structure in a home capable of supporting burning fire when properly maintained
Fireplace Doors As well as being a decorative feature these serve the purpose of closing off the firebox
Fireplace Insert This is an insulated system with or without doors glass doors that can be installed onto the opening of the fireplace to protect the surrounding walls
Fireplace Leg The vertical frame of the fireplace that supports the mantelpiece; also called “jambs”
Fireplace lights Lights fitted to a fireplace, usually under that mantel shelf
Fire Screen a screen that sits in front of the fireplace opening.
Fire Surround A decorative structure that surrounds a fire, does not usually contain the hearth or back
Fireplace Showroom A building that contains a variety of fireplaces for public viewing
Fireplace Suite A fireplace that includes a fire surround, gas or electric fire - a complete fireplace package
Firestop This refers to a non-flammable material that is used in any openings in the floor and wall to prevent the spread of fire or smoke
Flue Small vent through which combustion waste is discharged
Freestanding Stove Similar to a fireplace, these appliances normally stand on legs rather than being installed into a wall. These can come as either gas, Electric or wood burning stoves
Fret The decorative front covering a grate, usually free standing.
Gas Cock Assembly This is a valve control system used in gas fireplaces to switch them on and off
Gas fireplace suite a fireplace that includes a gas fire in the fireplace package
Gas Fire A fire that runs on Gas and is suitable for use in a fireplace
Gas Logs fake logs made of ceramic fibers, concrete and other durable materials. They are designed to withstand the intense heat of the flames and provide a realistic 'wood burning' look
Grate A cast iron structure or frame that holds wood or coal in the firebox
Hearth This is basically the floor of the fireplace
Heat exchanger a device within the fireplace that exchanges cold air in the room with heat generated from the firebox.
Heat Shield A non-flammable protective layer that provides a barrier around appliances, and in the vent or chimney to prevent these catching on fire
Hopper This is a container that is normally attached to a stove or similar appliance and is used to store coal or wood pellets
Inglenook A corner by a fireplace
island Fireplace A fireplace that is traditionally situated in the center of a room. It consists of four glass doors or panels so the fire can be seen from all angles
Keystone The stone at the apex of an arch.
Kindling Slim strips of dry wood, which are easily ignited, used to start a fire
KWH (killowatt Per Hour) (equals 1000 watts per hour). An energy measurement for electricity
Limit Switch This is small device made of a bimetal substance that reacts to the temperature in the fireplace by expanding or contracting. When the temperature becomes too hot the bimetal switch turns off the gas flow, thereby turning off the fire
Lintel The strong support across a fire opening.
Liquid Propane Sometimes referred to as liquid petroleum gas, propane is colorless, practically odorless and non-toxic. It is a clean burning alternative fuel
Living Flame Gas Fire A gas fires with a burning coal effect made to suit an original or reproduction fireplace.
made to measure fireplaces fireplaces that are made to your own specifications
Mantle decorative shelf that frames fireplaces that have been built into a wall
mantelpiece The ornamental structure over and in front of a fireplace
Mantelshelf The ornamental shelf over a fireplace.
Metal Liner This a lining that is installed into a chimney or vent to protect the building from fire damage and to exhaust smoke or other gases more efficiently
Marbletech Fireplaces A marble fireplace manufacturer - hand made marble fireplaces
Masonry This is a term that describes anything constructed of stone, brick or tiles
Millivolt an ignition system that uses a small electromagnet in the gas valve and a pilot light
Mortar These are the materials used to bond the stone, brick or tiles in masonry
Natural Gas A relatively clean burning fossil fuel that emits much lower levels of combustion waste than other fuels
Non-catalytic Combustor These are well insulated fireplaces, usually including ceramic glass doors. The insulation increases the temperature inside the firebox aiding a more complete combustion. An extra combustion chamber is used to burn off excess smoke and gases. These are also known as Non-cats
Opti-myst A realistic flame and smoke effect electric fire
overmantel The ornamental area or panel situated above the mantelpiece
Pellets These are made from wood shavings created as a result of manufacturing wood products and are a very useful form of fuel for stoves and fireplaces.
Peninsula Fireplace Similar to an Island fireplace except it has only three glass paneled sides rather than four. It is also known simply as a three-sided fireplace
Plinthed Hearth A hearth that has a flushed front with no lip
Remote Control a device used to control a fireplace from a distance
Reproduction Fireplace A fireplace manufactured by us in a number of styles from the twentieth century
Safety pilot system This is a safety system that monitors the gas flow. It ensures that gas cannot leak into the burner unless a pilot light has been lit
Seasoned Wood This is a term referring to fire wood that has been allowed to dry before being burned
Spillage fireplaces with vented systems such as a chimney or direct vent. When these become blocked combustion by-products cannot be vented outside and so 'spill' back into the room
Spill Switch This is a device that detects spillage from the fireplace vent system. The switch will shut the fireplace off in the event of a spillage to ensure no more gasses are emitted

This article was published on Sunday 19 June, 2011.
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