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Contemporary Fireplaces in the modern home
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Contemporary Fireplaces in the modern home

Modern fireplaces are hand made, bespoke designs with clean lines for modern living. Marble Fireplaces add timeless appeal to any room, with dancing flames almost as good as a work of art. Although Modern fireplaces look contemporary and clean there are links to the historic designs, with multi tier mantels and double hearths some Marble fireplaces have a grande look and feel. There are many designs available to create a uniquely modern and stylish look, with Art Deco or even Victorian styles ensuring that the contemporary fireplaces used become the centrepiece of every room.

The great thing about contemporary fireplaces is their versatility. Because a contemporary fire place utilises both modern and classical forms, it can be equally well suited to all decors and styles of home. From Very modern rooms that are given a touch of classical elegance, to functional rooms that require aditional heat sources, adding a marble fireplace is sure to bring a classical feel.

Grande Regent Marble Fireplace

 Grand Regent solid marble fireplaces

hand made and polished using the finest Marble, a choice of 2 styles of marble are available. 

This article was published on Monday 16 May, 2011.
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