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Our guides section contains information and instructions that you may need when ordering a fireplace or using our website. Please selec one of the following articles, if you cannot find instructions or help for your perticular needs then please contact us any time.

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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
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AtoZ of 101 Fireplaces Terms and definition - Glossary
An A to Z of 101 terms and their meanings related to fireplaces, A glossary that will help explain all the fireplace terms used by Marbletech Fireplaces
Published: Sunday 19 June, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
fireplaces essential guide
Choosing a fireplace requires proffesional advice to ensure your choice of fireplace fully meets your requirements; you\'ll need professional advice regarding heat output, fuel sources and some advice from an interior designer may be useful, too. The fire surround size is important to ensure it fits...
Published: Thursday 16 June, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
Gas Safe Fireplace Fitters
it used to be a requirement for a Gas fireplace to be fitted by a Corgi registerd fitter, however this changed in April 2009
Published: Sunday 15 May, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
So you want a new fireplace
Installing a new fireplace is not only a means of adding greater enjoyment to your home, it\'s a great investment, too. According to the National Home Builder\'s Association, 77% of home buyers list a fireplace as a most-wanted amenity. As a seller, you may enjoy a 6% to 12% increase in your home\'s...
Published: Sunday 15 May, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
Fireplaces Buying Guide
Marbletech Fireplaces enable you to purchase Marble Fireplaces online or by phone. With a selection of Marble Fireplaces such as Marble Fireplaces, Gas fireplaces, Electric fireplaces. You can also select to view Featured marble fireplaces or marble fireplaces on special offer.
Published: Saturday 02 April, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
Installing Electric fireplace suites
The first thing to check prior to installing an electric fireplace is the depth of the fireplace from the outer face of the backpanel to the rear of the fireplace which is usually a wall or the chimney, Below is a simple example of how to calculate if your electric fire can be fully recessed into th...
Published: Saturday 02 April, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
Different types of fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are lightweight, portable and can be installed with no experience, An Electric fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere, simply plug in and go. Most fireplaces include both a light and special effects to create the look of a fire, plus an electric heater
Published: Saturday 26 February, 2011
Topic: Fireplace Guides
Fireplaces and your chimney
The type of fireplaces you can choose from can be limited by the type of chimney you have. There are several different types of chimney style which we explain here, Marbletech fireplaces provide various gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces that will suit most chimney types
Published: Thursday 01 October, 2009
Topic: Fireplace Guides
Buying Fireplaces Online
WHY ARE FIREPLACES SO MUCH CHEAPER ON THE INTERNET Internet retailers generally have a wider catchment area, being able to sell fireplaces across the entire UK. Like Marbletech fireplaces, internet retailers are also the manufacturer and therefore have no 3rd party that would increase the price to ...
Published: Sunday 27 September, 2009
Topic: Fireplace Guides
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