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Gas Fireplaces - The bennefits
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Marbletech fireplaces and fire surrounds
Gas Fireplaces
The Bennefits

Many family gatherings and romantic moments take place around the flickering flames of fireplaces. While enjoyable, the reality of maintaining wood-burning fireplaces can be quite tedious. There's the buying or cutting of the wood, there can be storage issues and then the messy side of constant cleaning and emptying ashes of solid fuel fireplaces. Also, many people struggle to get the fire started or keeping a fire burning. That's not most people's idea of fun.


Artificial Fuel Bed Types

Fortunately , there are quite many alternatives. Many gas fireplaces have the look and feel of  a wood-burning or coal fireplace but without any of the drawbacks of solid fuel fireplaces. There ar also Pebble bed fireplaces that give a modern, contemporary look to your fireplace. Gas fireplaces are easy to operate, usually activated by a on/off switch on the unit, a wall switch, or a remote control. Therefore, you get "instant flames and heat with the touch of a button". Gas fireplaces also produce much cleaner flames and leave less residue in the chimney than wood-burning fireplaces, which also leads to less air pollution.

Marbletech fireplaces have several Gas fireplaces that come complete with a gas fire, the standard gas fire used is a Valor seattle (Pebble Bed) Gas fire. You can select any gas fire from our stocked range or we can help you purchase any Gas fire from another supplier and deliver as one complete package.


Pebble bed Fireplaces
Gas fireplaces with a pebble bed
Coal Bed Fires
gas fireplaces with a coal bed
Gas fireplaces with driftwood bed
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Methods of controlling Gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can be adjusted by means of a dial or electronic devices that allow you full control of the heat generated, the ammount of gas used and therefore the running costs, during summer months when heat is not required, a fireplace can be used on minimum setting to provide an effect rather than being used to heat the home.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have the look and feel of a traditional solid fuel fireplace. Gas fireplaces are available in a wide array of styles and in a wide variety of materials, from traditional masonry to very contemporary marble suites. They can be equipped with a real or faux mantel. Mantels come in cherry, oak, pine, white, sandstone, marble, granite and many of other colors. Some come with a surrounding frame in which tiles of your choice can be placed. Fireplace tiles do not have to be grouted or permanently attached, which gives you the option of changing colors as your decor changes.


Gas fireplaces are available as fireplace inserts or as free-standing units. The price range of gas fireplaces can go from a couple of hundred pounds to several thousand pounds for very ornate pieces. They can be purely decorative or they can be a primary heat source. There are an almost endless amount of options available in gas fireplaces, no matter your budget. If a gas fireplace is what you want, there is most likely something available that will fit your needs.Marbletech Fireplaces have several Gas Fireplace designs, in 2 styles of Solid marble, with lights, cast iron Fascias or with granite hearths. Marbletech Fireplaces hand craft and polish your fireplaces and can customise any of our fireplaces to your own specification

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This article was published on Sunday 27 September, 2009.
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