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Marbltech Fireplaces feedback by Katrina lang
My experience with Marbletech Fireplaces was amazing. There was always someone online to respond to my endless questions and give me their expert advice.
Published: Sunday 11 August, 2013
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
Micro Marble explained
Micro marble is the most popular choice of marble used for fireplaces today and outstrips natural marble in fireplace production and sales ten fold.
Published: Sunday 11 September, 2011
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
Contemporary Fireplaces in the modern home
Although Modern fireplaces look contemporary and clean there are links to the historic designs, with multi tier mantels and double hearths some Marble fireplaces have a grande look and feel
Published: Monday 16 May, 2011
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
Mix and Match Fireplaces
Some aspects of marble fireplaces can be mixed and matched, if you dont see what you want please let us know we may be able to mix different features to create a marble fireplace that meets your requirements
Published: Sunday 15 May, 2011
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
The Cost of a Marble Fireplace
Marble fireplaces can vary on price depending on the size, style, features and the shop where you purchase your fireplace
Published: Saturday 02 April, 2011
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
Does fireplace marble stain easily
Marble is a porous material which means liquids will slowly seep into the marble leaving a stain if sufficient care is not taken. Marble does not need a great amount of time to keep it in perfect condition, In most cases the best way to maintain a marble fireplace is by taking necessary precautions ...
Published: Saturday 02 April, 2011
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
Micro Marble fireplaces
Micro marble is the most popular marble used for fireplaces today and outstrips natural marble in fireplace production and sales
Published: Wednesday 09 March, 2011
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
popular marble fireplaces
Marble is a very popular material for fireplaces. There are many beautiful marble fireplaces to choose from. You can either purchase an already made marble fireplace, or choose to have a marble fireplace custom made
Published: Saturday 19 June, 2010
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
Cosy marble fireplaces
Fireplaces create a feel of cosiness and add visual appeal to home decor. Marble fireplaces add a further element of class and often become the focal point of any room
Published: Sunday 23 May, 2010
Topic: Marble Fireplaces
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